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Morris County Residents Asked to Join the Battle Against Mosquitoes
Release Date: May 18, 2018

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Remove Standing Water from Your Property

Morris County Residents Asked to Join the Battle Against MosquitoesA very wet spring is creating an environment in many parts of Morris County that is quite conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes, which already are causing a major nuisance for residents living in areas of Lincoln Park and Montville, among other locations.

In recent days, when weather has allowed, county mosquito control teams have been tackling heavy mosquito breeding areas via trucks, ATVs and back-mounted sprayers. They have sprayed this week in Florham Park, Montville, Lincoln Park and East Hanover, and have plans for continued spraying at many other locations.

Visit the couty’s mosquito control webpage for the upcoming spraying schedule.

Residents in all 39 Morris County towns also are being asked to help out in this battle. Between what seem-to-be constant rain showers, county mosquito control officials are asking you to thoroughly check the outside your house, apartment, condominium, or wherever you live in Morris County and drain sources of standing water to eliminate areas where mosquitoes can breed.

Morris County Residents Asked to Join the Battle Against Mosquitoes

Empty water from planters

Try to eliminate all sources of standing water, such as such as planters, gutters, old tires, wheelbarrows, clogged gutters and other sources of standing water than can breed mosquitoes.

“If everyone would take steps around their own homes to eliminate standing water, it could make a very big difference, reducing the number of mosquitoes by many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, where you live,’’ said Mosquito Division Superintendent Kristian McMorland.

The Morris County Division of Mosquito Control has been active for months preparing for this year’s mosquito battle, but you can be the difference maker when it comes to mosquitoes around where you live.

“It’s important to remove or clean or repair anything that can collect rain or sprinkler water – such as clogged gutters, old car tires, wheelbarrows, planters, trash can covers, birdbaths, old tarps, or unused swimming or wading pools,’’ said McMorland. “Even just a bit of standing water can produce a huge number of mosquitoes that can have a negative impact on your quality of life.’’

Morris County Residents Asked to Join the Battle Against Mosquitoes

The water in that wheelbarrow can produce enough mosquitoes to infest your entire neighborhood

The most common backyard species of mosquito travels only about thousand feet from where they are spawned. Mosquitoes spend their juvenile life stage in the aquatic environment and will go from egg to adult in about one week during the summer. So removing standing water near your home can have a dramatic impact on your mosquito population.

In addition to the nuisance of mosquitoes, they also bring the possibility of mosquito borne diseases, such as West Nile virus, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito.

“Our county team does a great job of working to battle mosquitoes in some of the toughest breeding grounds in the county but they need your help when it comes to making a difference in your yard or neighborhood,’’ said Freeholder John Cesaro, liaison to the County Mosquito Control Division. “What steps you take, or don’t take, can affect families living all around you.’’

Mosquitoes require standing water for 7 days to complete their development.

Steps you can take to reduce mosquito populations include:Morris County Residents Asked to Join the Battle Against Mosquitoes

  • At least once a week, empty water from flowerpots, pet food and water dishes, birdbaths, swimming pool covers, buckets, barrels, and cans.
  • Check for clogged rain gutters and clean them out.
  • Recycle discarded tires, and remove other items that could collect water.
  • Be sure to check for containers or trash in places that may be hard to see, such as under bushes or under your home.

Look very carefully around your property for anything that could hold water in which mosquitoes can lay eggs. If your home is under construction, make sure standing water is not collecting on tarps or in any receptacles.

Additional tips on how to limit mosquitoes on your property include:

  • Drill holes in the bottom and elevate recycling containers that are left outdoors;
  • Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish. Water gardens are fashionable but become major mosquito producers if they are allowed to stagnate;
  • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, including those that are not being used. An untended swimming pool can produce enough mosquitoes to result in neighborhood-wide complaints.
  • Be aware mosquitoes may even breed in the water that collects on pool covers
  • Dispose of tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots or similar water-holding containers that have accumulated on your property;

It is also a good time now to check screens in windows and doors and make any necessary repairs to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.

For more details on mosquitoes, visit:

Also, check out the following videos for advice on dealing with mosquitoes: or

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