April 23, 2019
6:09 AM

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  • FREE Stroke Screening
  • Radon Kits Available
  • Think Measles
  • Distracted Driving Month
  • April is National Donate Life Month
  • Free Tree Seedlings
  • Household Hazardous Waste One-Day Drop-Off Events
  • Stroke Screening
  • The Nico-Teen Generation

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    Calendar of Events

    04/23  Arbor Day Free Tree Seedlings
    04/24  Arbor Day Free Tree Seedlings
    04/25  Arbor Day Free Tree Seedlings
    04/25  Curbside Recycling
    04/26  Arbor Day Free Tree Seedlings

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    Mayor’s Update April 2019

     Dear Residents and Business Owners,

    We all know that timing is everything. Writing this newsletter can be a little tricky because when I am writing I don’t know exactly what day it’s going to find its way to your mailbox a month later. Having said that, here’s an important announcement with an April 11th time frame. Should you read this letter after that date, remember that celebrating “Disconnect Day” takes place for the entire month so please pick your own day to disconnect from your electronics.

    Chief Camoia tells me that our Police Department will be celebrating Disconnect Day on April 11th by hosting a “Zero Tolerance Enforcement” 4 hour time period to promote National Distracted Driving month. During those 4 hours they will be out in town watching for cell phones, ipads, TVs and whatever else you have hooked up in your car that impedes your driving focus. You can visit for more information. Look on the Mendham Boro Police Facebook page for the 4 hour period and give yourself an electronics break this month.

    We are into our second year in the Morris Area Energy Cooperative (“MAEC”) Aggregation Program. If you missed the multiple mailings and notices sent to all residents about the program as well as the public information meeting held in town, no worries -- we have links on our town website that provides all the information you need to better understand the program. Here are the important highlights:

    •  This program gives our town the chance to save residents money on their usage portion of their bill through pooling of everyone’s usage and leveraging that for a lower rate.
    • Although it is an “Opt out” program, which means you have to actively contact the MAEC by phone or on the website, you can do so at ANY TIME. There is no specific “Opt out” period.
    • You can also “Opt in” at anytime if you took yourself out of the program.

    What’s on your mind:
    A few residents have stopped and asked me lately,
    “Hey Mayor, how about those potholes?”
    I think we all know it has been a winter of multiple freezes and thaws, which is the best combination to disrupt a happy road and cause potholes.

    Our DPW head, Jeff Cooper, tells me that he has a plan! The team will begin to fill the holes and smooth out your ride once winter has subsided. We need to wait, for these reasons. First, if they filled the holes too soon, they would have to use cold patch which would likely be removed with the next snow plow coming down the street. Additionally, the best way to ensure that those holes stay filled is to wait until the temperatures warm up a bit and use hot mix, available in early Spring, which needs to be kept warm throughout its transport and filled in while still hot. This will ensure a more permanently filled pothole.
    If you know of a bad pothole on Borough roads or county roads in Mendham Boro you can either go on the borough website and fill out a service request form, or call us at (973)543-6535 and let us know of a specific trouble area.

    Committee Reports:
    The Board of Health has been busy working to keep us informed of all sorts of health related matters that impact our community. They have provided radon testing kits, health screenings, and septic and restaurant licensing. Your Board of Health Members are:
    Chairwoman—Helen Cleary, Maureen Walker, Vanessa Freire, Nancy Rodrigues, Penny Andrus, Nathalie Masse, Laura Montenegro, and I hope you will all welcome our newest member, Melissa Young.

    What is one message that your Board would really like to share with our community?


    Nobody likes to step in poop, so let’s all do our best to prevent that from happening.

    Check in to our town website for more updates.

    That wraps up another one.


    Christine Serrano Glassner




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