August 23, 2019
10:34 PM

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  • Pulmonary Screening
  • Public Notice- Hep A
  • Phone scam targeting PSE&G and PSEG Long Island Customers
  • Important Health Notice
  • Bone Density Screening
  • Health Matters
  • DEP is recruiting AmeriCorps
  • Health Matters
  • Orchard Street Tennis Courts Closed
  • Electronics Recycling Program

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    08/26  Borough Council Meeting
    08/29  Curbside Recycling
    09/02  Holiday
    09/02  Labor Day Parade, 10:00am
    09/03  Board of Adjustment Meeting

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    Mayor’s Update July/August 2019


    Dear Residents and Business Owners,

    Committee Updates: ECOSST

    What is ECOSST? At the end of last year Councilman Sharkey proposed that we consider consolidating some of our Borough committees, as has been done in other towns in New Jersey. After consulting with our town attorney and speaking with one town that consolidated, we decided it would be a smart choice for Mendham. We are pleased to announce that we have combined our Environmental Committee with our Open Space and our Shade Tree to form ECOSST. The Chair of your committee is Eric Arena and the Vice Chair is Paula Barber. The committee membership includes Paul Cascais, Chris Nicholson, Richard Pace, Dave Sprandel, Marian Mundy, Amy Beers Golier, Tony Sarno, Laura Gill and James Castiglione. The Borough Council Liaison is Brennan Reilly, with assistance from Dave Sharkey and Jim Kelly and Lisa Smith from our Borough office serving as the Committee Secretary. George Connolly, who served on the Open Space Committee for many years, will provide his thoughtful guidance. Since our reboot this group has put their collective creative energies together and have come up with a list of prospective projects for the future. As a team, they will strengthen Mendham Borough’s environmentally healthy commitment to our community and will soon select a project to tackle. If you are an Eagle Scout, Gold Award-seeking Girl Scout, or Mendham High IB student and you are looking for a project, please consider attending one of our ECOSST meetings and sharing your thoughts with our Committee. The ECOSST meeting schedule can be found on our website.

    Who’s Who In Mendham:

    We have a surprising number of employees that have proudly served Mendham Borough for many years, but only a small number have made helping our community their lifelong work. Like Karen Orgera, whom I wrote about last month, Rob Orgera has been with the Borough since he started his professional career. Rob started as a seasonal employee in 1992 while he was still attending Mendham High. Later, while attending the County College of Morris, he became a full-time employee in our Department of Public Works. In 1995 he joined our Fire Department and has been a member in good standing ever since. I asked Rob what he felt has changed the most since he started working with Mendham Borough. He told me that while he doesn’t fish anymore, it’s become much easier to fish than when he was a young boy. Back in the day, Rob and his pals had to scale the locked gate of the Mountain Valley Pool after it was closed for the day. He said it’s much nicer now that people can just drive or walk right in and drop a line! Next time you see Rob riding the tractor as he mows West Field or building a catch basin, give him a wave and thank him for keeping our hometown so beautiful!

    What’s on your mind…

    How about slowing that car down!!! That is exactly what some of your fellow residents would like for all of us to consider. I know, you got off to a late start for work and you try making up a few minutes by taking a fast cut through. Or you have had a long day and your lengthy commute only added to it – with your tunes pumped up you’re not paying attention to the fact that you are driving 40mph in a 30mph zone - but your neighbors are. We have many new families moving to our peaceful town and would like that peacefulness to continue when people drive down their neighborhood streets. Thank you for minding your speed!

    Enjoy your summer!

    Respectfully yours,

    Christine Serrano Glassner

    Mayor, Mendham Borough

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