May 28, 2020
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Christine Serrano Glassner
(January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022)

Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner was sworn into office as the Mayor of the Borough of Mendham in January 1, 2019, becoming the first female elected to serve our community as Mayor.  She was first elected to the Mendham Borough Council in November 2016 and served on the Mendham Borough Council until she was sworn into her current position as Mayor.

As a former Member of the Council, Chris chaired the Council's Personnel Committee and served as a member on the Council's Finance Committee and on the Council's Public Works/Utilities Committee. 

In addition to her duties as Mayor, Christine Serrano Glassner serves as the Class I member on the Mendham Borough Planning Board and is a member in ex-officio of the each of the six Standing Committees of the Council - Finance, Public Safety, Recreation & Parks, Public Works/Utilities, Land Use and Personnel. 

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Mayor’s Update May 2020

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

In the immortal words of Bill Withers, who passed away April 3rd, “Just call on me brother when you need a hand – we all need somebody to lean on.”

Mendham Borough is here for you, friends. Your Borough team has continued our efforts to provide you with up-to-date information as this national disaster continues. You will find all available information, including all Executive Orders from the Governor’s office, on our webpage and on all our social media sites. I encourage everyone to sign up for email alerts on the Mendham Borough webpage.

When I decided to run for Mayor, I vowed to do my utmost for this community that we love but entered this role knowing that we might see challenges. Your Borough leaders have had to make many difficult decisions, in some cases to comply with our insurance company’s new requirements and in others to comply with the State’s mandates. While we have not always agreed with these directives, we have faithfully carried them out in the best interests of our resident’s health and safety. As difficult as this situation is for our residents and extended family members, we are united and determined to beat COVID-19.

Who’s Who in Mendham

Our many volunteers in our community have continued to risk their own welfare to provide for the safety and health of our community. We have been in this fight together providing limitless support to family, friends, and neighbors in the form of phone calls, facetime calls, mask making, grocery shopping, and the list goes on. Over the next year we will be honoring many of our residents for their heartfelt offerings – these are our Hometown Heroes and they will be appropriately honored.

The folks I want to highlight first are our First Aid Squad, who have been providing care and transportation for both COVID-19 positive and negative patients since the beginning of this pandemic. They risk contracting the virus every time they enter a facility or home to pick up a patient and transport that

person to our front-line hospital workers. They did not just decide to help at the beginning of this emergency. They have participated in hundreds of hours of training to prepare for times like these. I would normally say to you, “Stop by and say hello” but this time I will ask you to wait. I do encourage you to send them a note or make a donation on their website. Either way, let’s all remember to keep these Hometown Heroes in our thoughts: John Andrews, Jon Alperin, Jennifer Vongas, Jack Herlin, Paula Oswald, Wayne LeBlond, Cliff Straub, Shari Castelli, Chris Takayama, Nancy Fischbach, Kevin Wood, Chris Creamer, James McManus, Evan Frieder, Barbara Nelson, Jim Cillo, Michael Carr, Dave Chakrin, Patty and Bob Marold, Bill Grier, Bill Shaw, Wendy Hoch, Alicia Prior, Diane Van Arsdale, Jim Hendren, Dave Murphy, Kaleigh Fitzpatrick, Chloe Kavanaugh, as well as our unofficial junior members.

Town Finances

Councilman Brad Badal, who Chairs our Council Finance Committee, has been working hard with our Administrator and CFO to develop a plan so we can continue our town operations and pay our tax obligations to our schools and the county. As of early April, we froze all capital spending as well as all operating purchases that can deferred to a later date.

Additionally, we passed a resolution and prepared the paperwork to apply for a $9 million tax anticipation bond so that if tax revenues come in slower than expected the Borough will have access to adequate cash to meet our financial obligations. We will only file this application when we see how the taxes are coming in and we decide it’s necessary.

Project Status

Due to the Governor’s Executive Order on construction certain projects will be halted for the time being. Our Orchard Street tennis court construction is on hold until the restrictions are lifted. Any single-family home construction is still permitted as long as the number of workers is limited to a maximum of 10.

Regarding repaving of Hilltop road, Jeff has been in touch with the County, which is responsible for the maintenance of that road. Assuming they can stay on track they are aiming for an early to mid-May repaving. We will keep you posted should this timeline be pushed back by the County.


Christine Serrano Glassner

Mayor, Mendham Borough


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